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What are you going to find here

The intention of this space is to show all our readers our own passions. We are outdoors and sports passionated, and we hope you are too. We love outdoor gear. And if you are not yet into the enjoying of the simplest things, that are most of the times the best, we hope that reading some of the articles here encourages you to grab that backpack and go on a afternoon walk in a mountain trail. Or to take to the slopes that old skis and join a couple of friends on a day of sun and powder in the nearest ski resort.

In the end it’s all about spending a great time, disconnecting of the daily pressures and work stress. We think that health and a healthy lifestyle is the most precious treasure we have. We have found that going outdoors and doing some activity we like it’s the best way to spend our time.

Volcan Lanin, Patagonia, Argentina
Volcan Lanin, Patagonia, Argentina



We spend a lot of the time on the road, and mix the work with activities. So we recommend new places to visit, groups to join and  great adventures. We know a lot of ski resorts and we can have a word on them, and also are always looking for new places to shred. There are a lot of camps you can join.


Here you can read articles written by outdoors industry experts, skiers, riders and mountain experts. We focus our posts on all about ski and snowboard; resorts, gear, apparel, trips and recommendations.

Outdoor gear reviews

As we are big consumers of gear we like to invest well every cent. To do a purchase in a smart way we take care and analyze every aspect of a product when we are buying something new. We think why we are buying the item, and if we really need it, what are the models and brand options and look forward to make a smart decision. You can check reviews of products we are using in our adventures in the GEAR section.

Outdoor gear
Outdoor gear


Last but not least we would like to generate synergy between the readers of the site. So you are welcome to comment the articles, ask for recommendations, what piece of gear to buy and maybe find that partner for a backcountry adventure. We are here because we all love the nature. It’s ok if you make a point on something you don’t like or think that it’s the best. For example on a gear review. We don’t claim to have the truth, it’s a simple and humble opinion in the topics we breath all day long.


What are you NOT going to find here

We are not talking about any topic that we don’t know deep. Never recommending anything we don’t really think that can help someone. If the gear it’s not good enough we are going to said it. If we are not satisfied with their performance we are going to said it so you don’t waste your money.  Brands we are sorry, make an effort and have great products.

We are not taking any sponsored article either. Outdoors sports experienced people are fully in charge of the writing of the articles in the site.


A little about me

I’m a software developer, a tech entrepreneur. I’ve been working in a cubicle 9 to 5, running the rat race for a while.  My life was the way the “traditional society” want’s for someone like me. Have a traditional job, live in a big city, have debts, lot of stuff that I don’t need, 15 days of vacations a year. I was happy living that way I have to said.

In 2013 I have a really big car accident that change what I think about life and the way I want to live it. I figure out that we have a limited time in earth and we don’t know how much it is. So as a designer of products in the past I decide I want to design my own life. You can call me an artist of his life.

I try to think what was what makes me most happy, and how I spend that moments that you are going to remember forever. And it result that was having a lot of fun riding a snowboard in a sunny and powder day with friends. That was it. I don’t need any more.

Two months from that “eureka” moment I quit my job and I’m trying to live my life in the best possible way. When I said the best I mean the happiest way.

This don’t mean that I’m a hippie that don’t work or shower himself. I still am a tech entrepreneur. But I’ve found a better way of having a work life balance that works for me, and I hope I can share with you. If I help someone to take that step and change the way someone is living that would be the best I can do.

A powder day in Cerro Chapelco, Argentina
A powder day in Cerro Chapelco, Argentina


In the last years I found that you can work hard and have fun at the same time. The technology (I’m sorry, yes I’m a nerd) make it possible nowadays to have a great backcountry powder morning and a skype call with some client in the afternoon. That’s my intention. Work hard play hard they said. In my case can be ride hard.

I love all kind of board sports. Depending on the season and weather I like to start my mornings surfing (I’m blessed with a family beach house). In the city I like to hit a rail with my wakeboard. When mountains call I don’t doubt on waxing my snowboard and going in a snow trip with friends.

After 15 years of riding I’m a lot into backcountry riding. That makes me get interested in climbing and mountaineering stuff and camping. I’m a nerd in terms of outdoor gear. The best date you can have is to ascend to a isolate place in the middle of the mountains. In the afternoon have a dinner cooked with fire and wood (no microwaves please). Sleep under the stars in a tent and have a great time riding pow next morning.

I’ve been inspired from the digital nomad movement where the idea is to work from wherever you want. I encourage that be from a place that have good waves or the best powder in the season. You can check some info in Nomad List

For reading on how to afford the living a different, slow and enjoyable life I recommend Tim Ferris. You can have a look to his Blog where you can find some interesting articles. Try to read his book 4 hour workweek, it’s going to give you a lot of ideas.

Me with the mind in white (pow)
Me with the mind in white (pow)


Hope you enjoy! You can follow my adventures in my social networks, and don’t hesitate in sending me a DM with any comment. Love to get involved in discussions regarding to outdoor gear.

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