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Apple Watch apps include a ski tracker now!

Apple Watch series 3 updates

As a tech lover and sports addicted I’m used to track all the outdoors activities in my Apple Watch. I love to see how much I’m moving during the week or month. If you don’t do this is a good practice to push you harder if you are feeling a little lazy.

The good news is that with the latest Apple update on the Apple Watch , the Series 3 with watchOS 4.2, a couple of apps lets us track our ski resort daily activity, letting us know for example our speed, the vertical feet and distance skied, monitor our heart rate and calories burned.

Apple Watch apps

If you are asking which apple watch ski app start downloading ASAP I can tell you that some apps that were updated to take advantage of the Apple Watch update are Ski Tracks, Slopes, Snocru, Snoww and Squaw Valley‘s app. These are some of the snow apps that are available, and I guess there are more snow apps coming.

Is this only ski tracker app?

The Apple Watch has a lot more to offer out there in the mountains. The Apple Watch activity tracker can record all of your movements and show you at the end of the day hoy much have you move. You can connect the watch with a Go Pro and use it as a screen (in special if you have the Session Go Pro without a screen). You can use the watch while you are in the lift to do some calls and answer text messages without the risk of dropping your phone to the snow.

Ski Tracks Apple Watch app
Slopes Apple Watch app
Snocru Apple Watch app
Snoww Apple Watch app
Squaw Valley Apple Watch app
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Ski Tracks - Ski Tracks Apple Watch app

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