best affordable ski resorts

Best affordable ski resorts: Sleep in a tiny house

Looking forward to our beloved winter

We are in that time of the year when we start calling friends looking forward to the next trip. As winter is near and near we start to plan our next ski and snowboard destination. Do you know which are the best affordable ski resorts? Keep an eye on your snow forecast and wait for the snow to start dumping. Next winter you are about to enjoy snow on a budget thanks to The Outdoors Lab.

Snow on a budget

When you plan your next snow trip you have to keep in mind a couple of things. First of all is the transportation the ski/snow area chosen by the group. That can be in your background if you are lucky enough and can cost from $0 if you hitch-hike or a couple of dollars to fill the gas tank.

If you are thinking going further you have to think in a car road trip or a plane ticket (editors choice) cost.

Next cost you’ll have as soon as you put one step in the resort are the lift tickets. You can save some money if you do backcountry ski/snowboarding and access the snow areas on your own (aka touring). There are some resorts that allow it and others who don’t. And there are an intermediate where a fee is charged for accessing the terrain on your own. We are going to discuss that and give more info in other article.

As we asume that you own your gear the last thing you are going to spend money on is in the place where you are going to rest after an intense day of powder skiing and riding with that crazy friends of you.

Best affordable ski resorts

The lodging on a ski area is the most expensive in the trip budget. After seeing some ski bums sleeping in their cars, and almost freezing themselves on a cold night we look for some intermediate between low budget and minimum comfort. We find that living in a tiny house, an RV or a camper van is a very good option for those who want to be skiing a considerable amount of time.

The number one reason is because you can go wherever the snow is. Yes, you are not tied to a resort. If the snow is not good enough you can say goodbye, start your engine and head to the next destination.  You can achieve the skier dream of going from resort on resort, skiing new lines, but on an affordable budget.

It’s a very affordable option, but may take some effort to build your dream mountain hotel. Get inspired with this 3 riders that live their winters on the road.

Mike basich house: The pro snowboarder who become a builder

If you don’t know Mike basich you are going to love him. He’s a pro snowboarder, a very good one, that decided that want to live whenever the snow is. So he build a tiny house that cost him only $6K to build.

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This was a great experience for him, so he decided that he have to build the version two of his best affordable ski resorts. So he do this. Watching this video is very inspiring. Hope you enjoy it.

Austin Smith: The fireman?

Austin Smith is another pro snowboarder who decide to convert a 1953 GMC firetruck into a tiny house. He used to park it in Mt. Bachelor to be in front of fresh snow every day. The most difficult that he find living like this is the cold temperatures. You can have really cold nights in the parking lot, so his most beloved accessory is the wood stove.

best affordable ski resorts
1953 GMC firetruck converted into a tiny house

You can follow him on Instagram

The “Chanchita bus”

If you love the idea of chasing winter, but you are not skilled enough to build your own tiny house or convert that old van to a place you can call home you have the option of renting a space in the Chanchita. Join this crew spending whatever the nights you can afford with them (a secret: it’s cheap) and ride the most beautiful spots in Patagonia with professional skiers, photographers, video makers from all over the word.

If you want to escape the summer this is a very good option. Not only you are going to ride hard and discover new places, but you are going to make new friends and share good moments.

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More info on how to do it

If you are interested on knowing more of the van life ultimate skier experience check this articles.

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