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Summer skiing and snowboarding: Argentina

If you are tired of summer days and miss the snow I recommend you to pack your gear and book a flight ASAP. While you are living long summer days, in the south hemisphere snow is dumping, and that can only mean one thing; oh yeah “mountains are calling!”.

In this series of posts I will recommend the best ski resorts and other valuable information and recommendations for anyone who is looking forward to have a successful summer ski or snowboarding trip.

I’ll start with giving some advice on a visit to Argentina and how can you ride it and have fun there.

Argentina or “Mi Buenos Aires querido…”

Argentina is located 6118 mi or 9845 km from Los Angeles to have a geographical reference. It’s major city is Buenos Aires and it’s international airport is Ezeiza (EZE), 1 hour drive from Buenos Aires.

If you are flying from the USA, Canada or Europe the most common first destination before you can feel the powder is Buenos Aires. As you can be there with a 15 hours flight from LAX I recommend you to take a couple of days or a full week to explore Buenos Aires before or after the summer snow trip. It has a lot to give to any travel addict.

How can I go from the airport to Buenos Aires?

In Buenos Aires apps like Uber or Cabify are working, but they are in a grey spot at the moment. So it’s not a good idea to call an Uber to the airport (we hope this change soon). You can grab a regular taxi or a bus charter called Tienda Leon.

They are not so used to ski or snowboard equipment, so try to be polite with your driver until all your equipment fits.

Editors tip: I have a 6’3” (1.90 mts) DAKINE travel bag and I’ve handled to make it fit in the passenger seat in a lot of small cars. You just have to talk with the driver and ask him to recline the seat. Then accommodate your ski or snowboard bag and adjust the seat to it’s regular position.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires?

As an outdoors and mountains lover, and I asume you are one too, I don’t like crowded streets. And Buenos Aires have a lot of this. So you don’t want to stay in the “microcentro” neighborhood. In my opinion the best place to stay in Buenos Aires is “Barrio Norte”, “Recoleta” or “Palermo” neighborhoods. You are going to be in a safe environment, near most of the places you may want to visit but quiet. Here you can check some great places to stay in Buenos Aires.

Things to do in Buenos Aires

When you arrive to a new city one of the best things you can do is explore local food. If that is your case you probably don’t want to miss to experience one of the great Restaurants in Buenos Aires. The classic is to ask for a good “parrilla” and eat an Argentinean “asado” (Argentinean barbecue). There are plenty of parrillas on Palermo. I would avoid eating in Puerto Madero. It’s a lot for tourists.

If you like pizza there are a lot of great ones. I can name “El Cuartito” as my favorite in Barrio Norte, but you have a lot on Corrientes street. Just walk.

If you want a really big dish full of food ask around for a “Bodegon”.

For the vegans you have a lot of fancy places in Palermo. I would recommend “Plaza Armenia” and surroundings, Cañitas or Colegiales.

Another thing that you must try is our “Mate”, a local beverage similar to tea that we drink all day long. True Argentinean manners.

For cultural activities you have the Buenos Aires Art Museum, the MALBA, and another museums. I really enjoy street art, so I can recommend to do a street art walking tour.

You can go to a Tango show if the music is your thing. On Tuesdays night you can assist to La Grande a Jam and improvisation event in Palermo.

If the weather permits you can go for a walk to Puerto Madero ending up in Caminito and La Boca. For the sports one you can enter the Boca Juniors stadium. If you are in a soccer season you can assist a match. Argentina is well known because of the passion supporters have for their teams. Tickets are hard to get and are a lot of fake ones. Be very careful.

Puente de la Mujer - Puerto Madero
Palermo streets
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Buenos Aires Weather

The best time to go for a summer ski trip to Argentina is from the end of June (most resorts open by the 20th June depending on climatic conditions) to mid September. During those months we can have a minimum of 46°F (8°C) in July to a maximum of 65°F (18°C) in September.

As you can deduce, and if you are used to mountain climate, Buenos Aires is not too cold during winter. With a normal warm jacket you are going to be good to go and discover the city.

Can I use my credit card in Buenos Aires or is cash only?

Definitely yes. Almost every establishment can process any credit card. I think is mandatory nowadays. As an advice I recommend you to have some cash if any adversity appears. Always ask if they accept the credit card that you hold. Taxis and small bars/street food are places where you may need to pay in cash. For the rest you are ok.

Language problems?

Buenos Aires has English as it’s second language taught in schools, so you are not going to have any problem in finding someone that speaks English and can help you in what you need. Also it’s a city that receives a lot of English speaker tourists, so they are used to.

Now to the mountains…

After a coupe of days enjoying Buenos Aires you probably want to see the mountains. Argentina is well known for the “Cordillera de los Andes”. That’s where you are going to ride. In the next posts I’ll list my favorite Argentinian ski resorts.

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