Ski Videos

Ski Videos

This is the place to watch the latest videos of your favorite sport. Ski is not only one of the great sports to practice but also to see. Watching ski movies, clips and videos we can discover new places, see our favourite pro skiers getting rad and discover how our next ski gear and winter accessories performs in different conditions. Here in The Outdoors Lab on friday nights we prefer a good ski backcountry movie instead of the latest netflix series. If you are a powder lover as us we are sure you are going to enjoy out ski videos selection. We update this section with videos we see and love and want to share with our community. So you are going to find new and old videos here.

ski videos crew
WINERAM Productions ski videos crew // Credit: Sierra Sun

Awesome ski videos

As we said before here we are addicted to snow, so when we are not skiing we are watching others ski. There are a lot of great film teams and crews creating content out there in the mountains in the mountains. We support independent creators and teams who love outdoors and want to share their passion with the world. There are also big brands showing their new products by joining forces with pro skiers, photographers and filmmakers and going out in trips to remote locations. You are going to see hard terrains, helicopters, camping in the mountain and a lot of powder in this high performance movies.

Extreme ski videos

Pro skiers love adventures and challenges, and they show it in their ski movies. Fortunately we can enjoy this scenes with a cup of popcorn from the couch. If you are an experienced skier you can use this extreme ski movies and clips to plan your next destination. A lot of us use others videos to see the paths to follow in that dream line. Couloirs, pillows, trees, glaciers, helicopters and more interesting components of a good line skied is what you are going to see in our selection of ski videos.

Ski videos youtube

Youtube is the number one source of the selection we made. Why? Because all the creators upload their latest clips to the platform. They don’t need a huge budget to make a good ski movie. A simple GoPro, deep powder and a couple of friends can make a very enjoyable movie or edit a nice ski clip. We can see parts of the productions to come and short pieces of content to seat and relax for a couple of minutes while we have our regular days.

Ski videos on netflix

The final work of winter crews is hopefully a mainstream to be movie. Netflix is having a lot of them in their catalogue nowadays. Big names are filmed in this kind of movies. Great productions and limitless resources to show the best mountain sceneries. We love to see a lot of these movies and are here to recommend the ones we like to our ski friends.

Latest news of ski-videos

    Salomon borderline project

    Salomon Borderline project

    If you are one of those people who likes to plan trips this is a must watch video. Tristan Knoertzer has the lucky and the guts to plan (and achieve) this super epic trip, touring a total of 300 km during 25 days in between France, Switzerland and Italy. If you like this story please send it to your ski trips… Continue reading "Salomon borderline project"

    Video: THIS IS HOME – Extended Cut: Zermatt

    Video THIS IS HOME - Extended Cut Zermatt

     This is a bonus video from the Faction Collective “This is Home” series. Follow Johnny Collinson skiing the extended region of Zermatt, Switzerland. Guided by Sam Anthamatten Johnny could express himself in what he most love; big mountain riding. If you haven’t being in Zermatt this is a great opportunity to check what possibilities the terrain can offer for your… Continue reading "Video: THIS IS HOME – Extended Cut: Zermatt"

    The Curve Of Time

    The curve of time Salomon

     Have you ever fantasize with filming a time capsule video, where you can talk to yourself several years later? What would you said? That is what this two Salomon athletes do. Chris Rubens and Greg Hill are looking forward to the future of the snowpack in the mountains they love and how the global warming is affecting. This is a… Continue reading "The Curve Of Time"

    Salomon TV 50° North S2 Ep3

    Salomon TV 50 North S2 Ep3

     Salomon TV brings us two of their best backcountry riders; Alex Pittin & Tony Lamiche to show us how they do to be safe in the backcountry. Good communication, tour planning, mountaineering skills, great outdoors gear and knowing how to use it are part of what this skiers do to be safe out there. Join them in this great touring movie.… Continue reading "Salomon TV 50° North S2 Ep3"

    Hervé Picamelot, a Black Crow skier in Chamonix

    Hervé Picamelot skiing Chamonix

     Europe has a lot of great ski resorts, but I think Chamonix is THE resort for adventure chasers. It still has unexplored lines and millions of options to have fun. Maybe that is what keeps Hervé so hooked with skiing. Every weekend, after a hard week he is out there doing what he loves. Watch the short production of… Continue reading "Hervé Picamelot, a Black Crow skier in Chamonix"

    This is home by The Faction Collective

    This is home by The Faction Collective

     Where is your home base? That place that is unique in the world for you? Skiers will always have a fav place. In this movie you can follow pro skiers from all over the world to their backyards. There are so many amazing places in earth to ski. Here the pros show what they call home. This is home… Continue reading "This is home by The Faction Collective"

    Sodeado peak full movie

    sodeado peak full movie

    A great trip to the south Sego ski co. has finally release the sodeado peak full movie of this adventure to South America ski region. Most precisely the ride is filmed in the sodeado peak, a great rocky mountain in Mendoza, Argentina. Sego ski co. is producing great content, and for shure great skis! Pro big mountain skiers fly from… Continue reading "Sodeado peak full movie"

    Atomic Digital Style | Japan

    atomic digital style

    Ski Japan with the atomic crew We bring you a 90’s video clip style showing how this guys ski deep powder and trees in their atomic gear. I particularly love the rocker of this skis. You can see it on this video. They are extra wide so ideal por deep japan. Sit on your chair and look how they do… Continue reading "Atomic Digital Style | Japan"

    THIS IS HOME – Alex Hall: Athlete Edit

    alex hall this is home athlete edit

    Freestyle everywhere If you are a ski freestyle lover you can’t miss this great edit. Alex Hall ski over various obstacles in a variety of terrains. The shots were taken in Jyväskylä, Finland, Deštné v Orlických Horách, Czech Republic and Verbier, Switzerland. Faction have a pretty interesting collection of skis that you can check here. It’s not guaranteed that you are… Continue reading "THIS IS HOME – Alex Hall: Athlete Edit"

    Tantalus Range expedition

    tantalus range skiing

    British Columbia skiing is always sick! Kyle Petersen knows what he does when he decide to go hard and ski the Tantalus. It’s a really big mountain (8540 ft) with hard decent making the skiing constant and fast. Watch it for yourself in this great movie presented by Patagonia.  Related Post Atomic Digital Style | Japan The Curve Of… Continue reading "Tantalus Range expedition"