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Which GoPro to buy: Newest Hero 6 was released

Are you still thinking which GoPro to buy?

Last Thursday in an event where all the GoPro ambassadors get together, the new baby of the must have actions sports camera brand was released. If you don’t know which GoPro to buy next we are talking of the GoPro Hero 6, a very similar camera to the former Hero cameras in the outside, but with some great updates in the inside. This is the newest GoPro in the market.

If you see it on the side of a Hero 5 it looks the same, but in the inside it have some major changes introduced. I have two things to highlight: First of all the new feature called “QuikStories” (aviable for older cameras too). When we go outside on a ski day, or hiking, surfing or anything that we shoot with the GoPro we end the day with a huge amount of footage than then we have to edit to share a one minute clip on instagram (please comment below if you do that!). The new feature of the Hero 6 gives us the clip curated and ready to post. So it’s a very convenient option when you are filming but want to give your audience a little view of your day. I can bet Instagram people is very happy and that this is going to make their stories grow.

which gopro to buy? Hero 6
GoPro Hero 6

The other great thing that I see is the image stabilization offered by this camera. It looks super smooth and clear. Many amateur film makers use small gimbals as an accessory for the GoPro. That makes an extra cost in the setup and extra space in your backpack. It seems that the engineers of GoPro see this and solve that problem.  They introduced a touch zoom in the screen too.

The Hero 6 has some differences regarding the 5 to talk about; 2X performance,  a better slo-mo mode, new voice controls and a better performance at night.

If you still don’t know which GoPro to buy, and with a price of U$D 499.99 vs the U$D 399.99 that costs the Hero 5 Black I would definitely choose the new Hero 6.

The newest GoPro footage

Check out your next edit using the latest GoPro Hero 6

If you want to know more about this or other action cameras go to GoPro website.

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