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What is the best snowboard review?

So probably you worked hard the last couple of months, or somebody wants to give you the best gift ever, and you are going to change that old and scratched board for a brand new. Maybe you are new to snowboarding and with so many brands, models and options you don’t know what snowboard best fits you. That’s why we are here to help you making the best choice! Go ahead and read our snowboard reviews and buy the best snowboard money can buy.

For me the best snowboard review is that one that puts the rider first. With so many options there is not one best snowboard. There are a lot of good snowboards and brands out there. Our mission here is trying to identify and make a profile of who is going to ride the brand new snowboard. What are the riders expectations for the season. Whats your age? If it’s gonna be a long hard riding season or if the plan it’s to shred with friends a couple of weekends (aka weekend warriors). What mountain do you ride regularly? Is it big mountain, powder and backcountry or are you a park rat who love to do tricks and freestyle? Do you need a snowboard who can work in all conditions?

With all that information in mind we are going to review the boards that we like most, the boards that we are riding at the moment or that are for some specific condition and we are going to make recommend it for some specific rider.

The idea is that you get the best board you can get for your particular needs for a good deal. There are a lot of snowboarding gear, so maybe you want to save a little for another accessory. Every year there is something that breaks, something new that we want, so you have to be wise on where you put your money.

Hope you enjoy our reviews, and if you have any doubt don’t hesitate in ask for help. We are glad to do it, and probably somebody in our community is riding that snowboard so probably that may help you choosing or discarding the board.

The motivation of doing snowboard reviews

Every time the temperatures start to go down and the new snowboard season is near I have tons of calls, messages and casual chats with family, friends and friends of friends on what snowboarding gear to buy next.

I’m very passionate on this topic, and have tested all kind of boards. I have a strong background on engineering so I understand very well the physics of the sport and the intentions of the brands on the technologies added to their boards. Every year new boards came out to the market. Sometimes the changes and improves are a great feature for the rider, but other times the new add on don’t worth the extra money. So my job here is to analyze boards and have a sincere opinion.

What to expect from our snowboard reviews

We are going to review brand new snowboards that we think that are a good board to get a space in your board rack. Boards that we love and popular boards. We know how to do a snowboard analysis. We are going to made tops and comparisons between the same kind or for a specific purpose snowboards. We are going to help you find cheap snowboards, discount snowboards and snowboards for sale. Sometimes a brand takes a new model with no improvements, so that is a great opportunity to take a snowboard from last season (same model) but with a different graphic design. Sometimes you can find offers that can make you save a lot, and in the mountain under the powder the design is the less important thing, or that is what I think.

Type of snowboards

The first step in choosing a snowboard is knowing what kind of snowboards exists in the market. With a type of snowboard in mind you are going to put your focus in which snowboard review to read. Here we categorize the board into the most popular ones.

All mountain snowboard

It’s the most popular kind of snowboard and the one you want to get if you are a beginner or have only one board. A board that’ll let you ride deep powder and some out of bounds and then go to the park to do some tricks with your friends. It’s not for somebody with great experience on some of this aspects but for someone who wants to have some fun.

Freestyle snowboard

This snowboards are made with the purpose to stay in the park, jump and do tricks. They are shorter and lighter than the other kinds but the most remarkable feature here is that they are a lot more flexible. Almost all the freestyle snowboards are twin tip, that is that you can ride it the same forward or switch.

Freeride snowboard

Freeride gear is intended to ride in extreme conditions. Big mountains, a lot of powder and speed in the descent. So this boards are a little bit longer and wider than the rest. They are not so flexible as a freestyle because you want to stay in balance when you are going so fast. If you are a charger this is the board for you.

Splitboard snowboard

Once you are hooked on snowboarding you’ll probably plan to ride lines far away from the resort, or have a great hut night with friends. In the last years, and thanks to the splitboarding, the access to remote lines has made easy for snowboarders.

The splitboard is an evolution from the freeride snowboards but with the addition that you can separate the board in two and use it as skis to walk, tour and hike to your destination with the help of skins and poles.

Once in the top of the line you join the parts together and you are ready to send it!

There has been a lot of technical improvements in this sector and the boards are performing very well. A very nice to have board!

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