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Snowboarding facts: 10 true things about snowboard

How to snowboard as part of the snowboarders tribe or local crew

If you are reading this is because you want to represent the sport in the best way you can. Talking with some of my snowboarder crew friends I’ve compiled the 10 funniest and important snowboarding facts about being a snowboarder. I hope you feel represented on them, and please leave a comment with your thoughts.

snowboarding facts
Snowboarding Facts

Snowboarding facts #1: You can’t get around in flats.

The thing that I hate the most is when my skier friends take a flat path and I get stucked. We have the “penguin walk”, but to be realistic, sometimes I would like to have poles to get out of that stupid slow run.

snowboarding facts flats
Getting around in a flat

Snowboarding facts #2: You are always the most fashionable on the lift waiting line.

It’s no news that the snowboarders are the coolest of the mountain. We have so many colours and models to pick that we can convert the run into a catwalk. In special the womans in snowboard.

snowboarding facts fashion
The snowboarder girls getting a tan in the slopes

Snowboarding facts #3: You feel very excited on powder days.

Best days for a snowboarder are fresh snow, powder days.That days when you feel that your board is a surfboard. That are our days, nothing else matters. It’s a fact. You are not going to school, work or a date in a powder day, except that is a lift blind date.

snowboarding facts powder
Ready to surf powder

Snowboarding facts #4: You always have your butt cold.

As boarders every time we slow down we have to wait on our butts. I envy how skiers can be stand without moving for hours. I really hate this one. We always end our day with a ton of snow under our jacket, and the butt cold.

snowboarding facts butt
Cold butts are free butts.

Snowboarding facts #5: You don’t have to change your boots for the apres ski.

One of the best things of being a snowboarder is that you can ride all day and party all night in the same outfit.  You don’t have any problem in copy Coyote Ugly moves in the local bar after a good mountain snow, and demonstrate that you have good tricks in the rails and in the dancefloor.

snowboarding facts party
Snowboarders can party in the same boots they ride.

Snowboarding facts #6: Your gloves are the coolest always.

It’s impossible to not know which are the snowboarder gloves when are a couple of riders drying their gloves while having lunch in a hut. If you are a cool snowboarder you must have the most ridiculous gloves.

snowboarding facts gloves
High five

Snowboarding facts #7: It’s seen as cool of you ride with big headphones.

If you can ride and listen your preferred Spotify list at the same time be sure that you use a big and coloured headphones.

snowboarding facts music
Listen your fav band while riding powder

Snowboarding facts #8: It’s so easy to hitch-hike.

When you are in ride-no money plan it’s the easiest way to go to the resort to be on the road and pick a truck to go with. You can go out from home with all your gear on and it’s not very different from the clothes you use regularly.

snowboarding facts hitch-hike
Getting a ride like a boss

Snowboarding facts #9: You are the selected filmer always.

As you don’t have poles you are always in charge of the GoPro. You have the ability of being so close your skiers friends and take great shots. It’s really great in this situations don’t have to think what to do with the poles while trying to shoot a long powder run.

Snowboarding facts #10: Your clothes last a lot of seasons.

We the snowboarders love the oversizing. This trend makes that if the thing that is oversizing is our body,  the clothes last. Our clothes usually are two (or more) sizes bigger than us.

snowboarding facts oversize
Oversize crew


Do you have coolest facts about snowboarding? Don’t be shy and comment below.If you like the list share it. If you don’t please share it too. You can make our snow community grow. Be part of it.

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