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Extreme snowboarding videos: most extreme terrains

We love extreme snowboarding, do you?

As outdoors enthusiasts and snowboard lovers we like to seek new terrains and lines to ride. Here is where we seek for extreme snowboarding and all the difficulties we can have to achieve the ultimate goal: riding a line no one has done before.

We can call a snowboarder extreme when he (or she) makes the things a little more difficult, just to have fun. As we love and encourage backcountry riding, we are going to select the most 3 extreme snowboarding terrains you may like to visit in your next snowboarding trip. You can access some of this terrains by hiking/splitboarding, some are cat accessed and the ultimate help for supreme snowboarding is the heli ski.

extreme snowboarding
Xavier de la Rue extreme snowboarding in Chamonix

Have a great snowboarding background

Please be conscious that this kind of trips you must be in very good shape. Also your level of snowboarding needs to be very very good. A little mistake in one of this lines and you can be result very damaged. If you decide to go and then you regret of the descent you are going to slow down all the group. Please think in yourself and in everyone involved in the trip. Please respect the snowboarding rules.


Snowboarding locations selected by The Outdoors Lab editor

This is a list of locations recommended where you can practice your favorite sport as if you are a famous snowboarder. A bunch of movies were filmed in some of this mountains.

1- Alaska

A white covered almost infinite terrain to select and ride. Best lines are accessed using helicopters. There are great companies who do guided trips to make a great experience in this part of the world. There are limited spaces so plan it with time!

2- Chamonix

In my opinion this is the best place to go freeriding in europe. It can be very cold so you may experience parts with ice, so keep your edges sharp. You may have to climb and use some rock climbing techniques, so this is not for beginners in the mountains.


3- The Everest

This is the most extreme riding I’ve ever saw. A very difficult place to access, that involves camping, hicking, be on your own. The mountains are beautiful, crazy and high. If you love the very extreme and are looking forward for a once in the life experience try this one.


One last word: safety first

Please remember that being outside in the mountains on your own, outbounds of any resort is risky. Be prepared, educated and equipped to be in the mountains. Take an avalanche course from AIARE. Have your safety kit prepared (avalanche beacon, probe & shovel) and know how to use it. Take advice for the older ones. Respect the nature and enjoy. Check more of snowboarding in here. Do you need ideas on affordable ski resorts? Check our post on best affordable ski resorts.

For an experience in the Andes mountains check the Sodeado Crew skiing ep 1.

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